there are two kinds of happines

the one that gets into your head quickly, makes you sort of giggly and drunk (like when i got into med school)

and the one that burns slowly within you and melts you away (like when someone you love has fallen asleep in your arms and you can’t go to sleep because you’re afraid to miss something and you just count freckles on their back)


Sterek AU

Stiles gets into a bad car accident and slips into a vegetative coma. Knowing that after watching his mother waste away to nothing, Stiles would never want to be left like this and they’re going to pull the plug.

Fearing no other choice, Derek uses his Alpha spark to save him. He knew there would be consequences, but Stiles is human. 

Not so much anymore.

They’re connected now, by this bond that not even Deaton can fully explain, two sparks merging into one, and something new.